Take the Resident Evil series

When is a sport deviating destructively from it roots… and when is it basically changing the wishes of its audience? Take the Resident Evil Cosplay Costumes series. Some would say Resi 5 was when it really split from the system by including co-op, while others would claim it all game, with its over-the-shoulder perspective, was the real mould-breaker. Is there area (or money) in AAA success scary for a more “classic” experience?

Alien: Solitude innovative home Alistair Wish considers so, going by a latest meeting with Advantage. Solitude, in growth by Creative Set up, will hark returning to scary gaming’s times of “hiding in the cupboard”:

“I think this group really got a lot out of Dead Space 1 and Resident Evil … But those businesses shifted in a route that isn’t… Well, I think that lovers of those genuine ones have been marginalised and sometimes it seems like nowadays they are just a number of levels away from being Equipment Of War.”

Edge also talked with cause developer Grettle Napper, who confesses indies have “embraced” the category more consistently, but seems it’s not something “you [often] get to do … in the triple-A space”. The content goes on to bring up that CA is “digging returning into the records for inspiration”, name-dropping headings such as Limbo, Robber and Criticized.


Personally, I experienced both Resi 5 and Dead Space 3‘s co-op ways, but I think Resi 6 took factors too far. Hopefully Solitude can provide as a indication to companies Capcom and Deep that there is still lifestyle remaining in success horror’s origins.


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