Fairy Tail creator Hiro Mashima will begin working on a new series

Fairy Tail Cosplay Costumes designer Hiro Mashima verified last night that he will activate on a new series moreover to his perform on dream series Fairy Tail. Despite problems over Fairy Tail’s finalization, Mashima confident lovers that he has proved helpful on several tasks before, and this is not the end of Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail is a lengthy series with 41 amounts released so far and more to come. Mashima said because the series is such a lengthy time, sometimes he wants to perform on something new. Before Fairy Tail, he had written and shown Talk Expert, which determined at 35 amounts. While operating on Talk Expert he designed the model for Fairy Tail. Controlling several tasks is something he discovers regular, and he programs to play on Fairy Tail and the new series at the same time provided that his “stamina maintains up.”

Mashima already had an idea for a new series, but after viewing an anime with a identical idea last night, he has given up on his unique idea and will start from the begining. The new series would be serialized in a different journal than Kodansha’s Every week Shonen Magazine, where Fairy Tail is serialized. He is currently ongoing the manga while the anime variation of Fairy Tail Cosplay Costumes will come back in Apr.

Fairy Tail Cosplay Costumes is already more time than Talk Expert, and it’s unidentified how much more time the series will be. Once the new manga series starts, Mashima may ease into it major the Fairy Tail series to its end, but it’s possible the new series could also be a brief venture Mashima performs on.

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