Touhou now available via Playism Japan

Touhou Project cosplay Costumes: Dual Working Personality is now available for Ms windows PC via Playism Asia.
Initially launched last summer time at Comiket 84, Dual Working Personality is the 14th formal access in the Touhou Venture, a legendary sequence of doujin topic terrible photographers with a enthusiastic conspiracy following.Despite its reputation, Touhou’s designer Jun’ya “Zun” Ota has been reticent to commercialize or spread the sequence outside of Asia, creating this electronic launch via Playism a important difference in actions.Speaking with Siliconera, Playism promotion administrator Nayan Ramachandran said getting Zun to accept to the cope was a issue of determination more than anything. As for a nearby launch via Playism’s european store, Ramachandran stated he could “neither validate nor refuse an British edition.”


Touhou Kishinjou ~ Dual Working Personality, the 14th activity in the Touhou Venture sequence of shoot-em-ups, is available on the Japanese people Playism web page. The experience expenses 1,512 yen and can be downloadable for PC (no Mac edition is available).Playism are known for assisting carry a lot of the doujin activities available via their web page over to the Western. Siliconera got hold of the organization to ask how the cope with Touhou designer Ohta “ZUN” Jun’ya came about.“In regards to Touhou, we’ve basically been nearing ZUN-san whenever we’ve seen him over the last 3 decades, and it was lately that he lastly came around, accepting that it would be an excellent chance,” Playism Marketing Manager Nayan Ramachandran responded.


“We’re extremely thrilled for Touhou on Playism. It’s a big phase for Japanese people independent activities.”
I then requested Ramachandran if there were programs to launch Dual Working Personality in British at some factor later on, and the response was a “no comment”.“In regards to an British edition, we can currently neither validate no refuse an British edition,” Ramachandran said.
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