N.J., Jersey City officials look into incident involving daycare kids who drank bleach

New Shirt and Shirt Town authorities are looking into last week’s occurrence including more than two number of Bleach Cosplay Costumes who unintentionally consumed lighten at a Fifth Street childcare middle.City speaker Jennifer Morrill said city physicians examined the facility, Growing Shrub Learning Center II, after last week’s occurrence and mentioned the matter with its administrator.Pete Kearney, the center’s professional home, said a kitchen employee last Friday incorrectly added drinks for students using a repurposed quart dairy package that included an assortment of lighten and water meant for washing.


“The examiner directed the administrator about how to properly label bins,” Morrill said in an email.Meanwhile, state Division of Children and Families spokesperson Paul Landante said DCF’s certification office is “looking into” what happened on Friday. The department manages childcare features.DCF’s manual for childcare centers requires that lighten be saved in a closed cupboard, and that any lighten remedy intended for washing reasons be placed in a marked, enclosed package.


After last week’s occurrence, which led to a medical center visit for 28 kids and two adults once childcare workers noticed the error, Kearney said the container of lighten remedy “should have been marked better” and not placed in a repurposed package.The kitchen employee was shot. It was her first day on the job.
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