Chocolate Position for “The Prince of Tennis” Characters

Every Valentine Day year, the lovers of Takeshi Konomi’s The Prince Of Tennis Cosplay Costumes manga are delivering sweets to founder Shueisha to demonstrate their love for their superheroes. Because the founder has declared the position based on the number of the sweets each personality gets since 2001. This seasons most well-known personality was Keigo Atobe who obtained an frustrating 62,837 sweets.

Featured image
The first seasons complete amount of the sweets was only 313, then it lastly achieved over 180,000 this year, obviously it has already exceeded the potential of the founder and suppliers. Considering the scenario, the article division of Leap Rectangle has made the choice that they will not expose caused by the position any more.
Instead, they will keep a personality reputation study beginning next year, which the lovers can elect with an entry ticket comes with the journal. Meanwhile, they will still agree to the Valentine Day sweets for the characters, and the sweets will be absolutely sent to Takeshi Konomi. The facts about the study will be declared in the next problem of the journal to be released on Jan 5.

Featured image
No issue how many sweets can be bought, there is no money arriving for the founder. But if you need to buy the real journal to elect for your preferred personality, it can be a great benefit car owner for them. A smart business decision?

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