Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji Cosplay Costumes

I’m getting a second to describe this since the manga, cartoons, and musicals are all in perform in my content. This is not uncommon for me since there are many experiences that I appreciate in several channels, but Kuroshitsuji Cosplay Costumes is one of the few that has a level version.

WHAT Kuroshitsuji Cosplay guide is this?? Need help determining it.
HELLO! So, I have this Kuroshitsuji art guide. The only terms in or on this guide are not in British except the headline and name “Kuroshitsuji” on some images, but there are ZERO terms within the guide, nothing even about posting. I need help determining it, I can’t discover it on the internet anywhere.

However, whenever possible I do use the musical show as cannon sources. Why? Because an experienced costume store put the cosplay together. They are going to be created in a way that is as real as possible to the resource content while being easy for being on level for 2+ time with. I’ve also seen some under the surface video which is excellent for observing factors like ring dresses, levels of costumes, etc.But I do not have accessibility a lot of top great quality images from the level shows so the manga/anime will be my fallback on the cheap cosplay costumes that overlap.